TekTalk Episode 13 – Mobile World Congress 2014

Ok, so we were not there in person but certainly in spirit as we watched, read and digested all the “new” things on offer. Ok so maybe not new but a teeny weeny evolution of some things and thanks to an awful to of tech companies we are seeing the return to the 1980’s style digital watch and a big thank you goes to Motorola for bringing out a big old chunk of ugly.

We also discuss the rise of the 4K mobile screen and foresee the death of 16gb being offered as a minimum memory spec. 4K on a mobile, seems perfect for Vine clips as with current memory offerings you sure as hell won’t get much bang for your buck.

In the pod we discuss Tizen and the hideous possibility that in a few years time we will in some estates around this fine land some kids being called Tizen and Tinder and no doubt their own offspring being called Snapchat.

Anyhow please listen to the debate and our views on what occurred and if you want read our page and what really struck us about MWC this year. Its not all negative as we really do like some of the new Gear coming out this year.



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