TekTalk Episode 12

Hello? Anyone there? Is this the 21st Century or have I fallen backwards in time to roughly 2003 have I? I mean surely the USA getting chip & pin 10 years after the UK is ridiculous so it can’t really be 2013 is it?

Indeed it is and indeed the USA is playing catchup to the world now as their banks finally give the American consumers what even tiny tiny holiday islands have been able to offer for years.

So what else this week? Well its still the quiet period but at least we did not go on too much about financials and profits this week. News of windows 8.1 rumours for the phone and also we have quite a bit of discussion about the Chromecast and its imminent(?) launch in the UK next month and whether in a world of Roku and Apple TV boxes does this little device have a place? Anyhow how often do you actually fall over a powered HDMI cable these days.

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