TekTalk Episode 11 – Microsoft shake up and Motorola sell off

Its oh so quiet as Bjork once warbled and indeed it is quiet in the land of tech unless you are a close watcher of all things financial and we are entering the silly season where conjecture takes over facts and even the daily fail is wasting space on the sure bet iPhone 6.

But hey we did not talk about such things, we discussed the shake-up at Microsoft and the arrival of their new CEO, out with the “old” Steve Balmer and in with the “new” Satya Nadella, if being with a company for 20 odd years makes you new. Will they sell off Xbox as a separate company and where will they go. Hear the huge pause as my brain contemplates the world that could be a huge change in tech land.

Motorola gets hived off as its stripped of its patents in a very 21st century gold mine of assets.

We mused a world where Sony would sell off its Vaio business and mocked the reports that something so synonymous to Sony like the Walkman could be too hived off. Less than 24 hours later the news broke that yes indeed Sony was going to sell this side of its business off.

So this is an important episode of sorts, marred only by a shoddy Skype quality so excuse Imtiaz sounding as if he is on the other side of the world in a darkened room walking around on sheets of crushed up paper. No not that but this is the last episode to be posted via podomatic. For what started out as a fill in for T3has turned into 11 weeks of doing what we enjoy but not even on a shoestring budget but a total zero one. The pod will beloved to be hosted on the blog which makes sense but at the same time is so much cheaper for battered wallet.

TekTalk Episode 11

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