Podcast number 4 – ibeacons

In this, a break from the normal. The normal, after 3 previous episodes we are no where near normal yet. Anyhow I digress. In this episode we discuss ibeacons and the implications for the future and what the scaremongers may fear.

Dave Reid posted this after listening to the episode.

“LOL’d when you revealed that iBeacon is being piloted in Macy’s. I’ve been to the NYC store a few times and also to several of their other stores in malls around the US. With a wife and 2 daughters, you can imagine there’s a lot of time spent standing about bored. To the rescue comes “Macy’s Free WiFi” but it’s totally bloody impossible to get on. The staff in NYC store actually laughed when I asked if there was a problem with it and explained there wasn’t, it’s just crap. Hopefully they’ll sort it before adding iBeacon to the equation.
Also, maybe I’m just being naive, but can someone please explain why targeted advertising is “creepy” or invades my privacy? If it’s described as “targeted advertising” it makes complete sense. Advertising is a fact of life. If you don’t like it, move to North Korea. Otherwise it’s there and all around us. So if it can be filtered and made more relevant to the individual, then marvellous.
I’m a man in my 40’s and so regularly get adverts for “Just For Men” and the like. Unfortunately, I have less hair than Mike and if some software could recognise that and stop the JFM ads then great.
If a piece of software could read (for example) my Amazon wish list and then, when I walk into a mall, let me know if any of those products are available and if there are any offers then how is that bad? Rather than walking around the whole bloody place looking myself?
If my wife borrows my car and software can recognise her phone, move the seat/steering wheel/mirrors, adjust the heating, bring up her favourte radio stations and playlists and have her most common destinations available on the satnav, then surely that’s convenient? Then when I get the car back, it recognises my phone and sets it all back to “Dave’s Settings” then fantastic!
I walk into Tesco and my phone bings and says “Dave. Your favourite beer is on BOGOF” then brilliant.
I could go on… So for fear of being banned for being a pain in the arse, can I just invite an explanation of the opposite view?”

Anyone want to provide Dave an opposite view? and don’t worry Dave we won’t ban you (this time)

One thing since we recoded this but there has been more interest in the press about beacons and it could be hot property in 2014 but the days of it being the NFC killer are still far off I think.


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