Episode 9 – Nest and Elephants playing with badgers in a park

The week after CES was always going to be a quiet one but its not been a quiet time for Google purchasing NEST for ridiculous money. Whats even more ridiculous is the entire concept of lazy living and putting control of your thermostat on a smartphone. So much so the ad agency for HIVE had such a hard time in selling the concept that they went left field and came up with something worthy of Monty Python. Does the ad make me want a smarter home? Hell no but I like the thought of playing with badgers in a park.

Anyhoo here is this weeks pod and so you know I am not insane I present directly underneath the joyfully insane ad for a tech product the world does not really need.

Teltalk – Podcast Episode 9 

Silly ad time



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One thought on “Episode 9 – Nest and Elephants playing with badgers in a park”

  1. I remember an article about 25 years ago on how you could do home automation with a Commodore 64. They are still pushing for it to be a thing but what keeps it from happening is the fact we have got by with it for so long. Automatic thermostats and the like will come eventually but they need to get into the range of gift prices before the change will start. Once there are enough users of this sort of thing it will take off. After all TV remotes are now the norm. But how they got that way was from being free with the telly.


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