Episode 17 – The old, the new and a surprise

In tech we know that the established players always bring out new iterations of software or products and last week Microsoft did the same in an all singing and dancing showcase which curiously was 3 hours in length yet The Verge managed to cleverly reduce it down into 7 minutes of all that you needed to know. Seriously, is this the way tech conferences/seminars are going now that utter drivel is wrapped around the important stuff. As Imtiaz points out in the pod that those that were “lucky” enough to sit through this were awarded a X-Box One. What so people now get offered an almost apology for enduring the conference. Samsung have tried this with faux musical shows which most of those who watched sitting with their mouths agog at what was an utter mess.  Can we please stop this bollocks and just get on with the show.


In other news Amazon introduced the Fire set top box which came as no surprise really as with Netflix appearing on so many devices it was only a matter of time before Amazon  joined in the with the rest. (thanks to The Verge again for this video)

And finally this week TomTom entered the wearable tech fitness market with a very sleek looking device that borders on the smart watch territory but stays heavily and provides heavy stats for the serious gym person. It looks great and as recent tech has proved to me I am a sucker for anything white and orange at the moment.

TomTon Runner Cardio

TekTalk Episode 17


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