Episode 15 – How to make a grown man drool over a smart watch, thanks Motorola

This week we positively shriek with glee at the launch of the Moto 360. Finally a company has realised that smart watches  do not need to be big and chunky and SQUARE. Motorola has breathed design and a a beautiful design into their offering and it is a fine, sweet watch to be desired.

Oh and then I sobbed as I realised its for Android and, oh! Ahhhhhhhhh Im too tied into Apple for this. But for the first time the Moto 360 is offering what Apple did, create a sexy, functional and practical object that adds to your life. See Samsung you don’t need to copy, stop it with the rip offs and stop just using engineers to design devices, let the designers do their jobs and beauty follows.

The bar has now been raised Apple. Tim Cook, please pull on those kicking boots as your design team now needs a kick up the rear as you sure are lacking and playing catch-up.

Moto, I, we here at TekTalk Towers salute you.


Episode 15:


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