Episode 10 – We made it to double figures

Well its a bit amiss of us but we totally forgot to bake a birthday cake, hold a street party or announce the celebrations but we have only made it to the grand number of ten so lets forget that its quiet in the land of tech right now and concentrate on the birthday ok.

Home-made birthday cake from Czech Republic.

All we hear recently is so called experts announcing what they think tech companies will produce and its largely these so called experts that imagine products that companies like Apple will produce and when they don’t the share price drops even though their profit is just under $14 billion. That’s right a profit of $14 BILLION is denounced as a problem.

Anyhow, I can feel a rant coming on so lets not drag the party atmosphere down and just listen to Episode 10:

Episode 10 – The we hit double figures but forgot to mention it one

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