Microsoft Surface Pro 2: First Impressions

By Imtiaz Farooq

Owning a Surface in any form makes you a little special but a Surface Pro 2?! Well, owning one of those puts the owner in select company indeed. For all Microsoft’s hype about merging tablets with laptops, the iPad is still the market leader and hundreds of Android tablets (not an actual figure) mean that Android too has a sizeable stake in the tablet market. So, back to my point about Micrsoft Surface’s exclusivity. It wasn’t a reason for buying one myself (that’s my reason and I’m sticking to it, goddamnit!), my reason was more-so along two particular lines; a) upgrade my Surface RT and b) to own a device which takes the best of a tablet and the best of a top-of-the-line ultrabook and rolls it into one device. Why I updated from a Surface RT is something I will mention in a review if I get round to doing one. For now, here are my first impressions of my new Surface Pro 2.

Firstly… It is a flipping machine. A monstrous machine that has been squeezed into a small package and designed to be the envy of the millions of Android tablet users and iPad users in a café environment. Like with all their Surface range, Microsoft deserve serious props for their design work but for the Pro 2, the fact that this has all the innards of an ultrabook without much compromise is some achievement. Running professional level software would no doubt be no more difficult than on a regular PC. So far, I’ve run iTunes, VLC Player and Microsoft Word (to write this very blog) on it during my week with the device so hardly commanding stuff but in time, it will be tested.

Other things I have noticed which are very nice, are the stylus input. The Pro 2 comes with a Wacom stylus and the feeling of using it must be similar to those who picked up a Galaxy Note smartphone, wrote something with the S-Pen and thought ‘hmm, didn’t know a stylus would be so useful in the 21st century’. It’s such a well implemented stylus that using the Pro 2 vertically to write something on OneNote is like writing on paper. University students would probably love this feature. A bit of an obvious compliment but the screen on the Surface Pro 2 is also excellent. It’s 1920×1080 so not as resolution rich on paper as a Galaxy Note/Tab Pro but having watched a couple of episodes of Inspector Montalbano on it, the colours reproduction is very good and the scenery in Vigata (where Montalbano does his work) is beautiful on the HD screen.

Final impression is on battery life. When buying the Pro 2, I knew it wasn’t going to replicate the 10-11 hours battery life I regularly got on the RT but so far, on average I have had 6-7 hours a day. Considering what is underneath the VapoMg coating, I think that’s very impressive. Time will tell whether it maintains that level or not but for now, the Surface Pro 2 is making me a very happy man.

Now, over to you. Own a Surface, in any form? If you want to discuss, feel free to reply below or visit our social media channels


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