Part two – excited mobile gamer

I am a fallen Nintendo man and a Sony Playstation lover but never have I seen the appeal of the Xbox. The design was ugly to me and huge, massive, obnoxious machine that never took my eye. Games, yes, maybe but the PS3 had enough titles to ensure I would never stray away from from my dual shock controllers.

However, as much as I try I can’t see the appeal of either the Wii U, the PS4 or the Xbox One. The Wii U is lets face it a non starter. How many households bought a Wii only to neglect it months later when the novelty had worn off? Yes, peripherals like the wii mote + (whatever its called) and the wii fit extended the life slightly longer but I bet if many turned on their Wii and the fitness board the voice that would greet them would not be the chirpy cuteness of Nintendo, but a harsh accusing tone of “where the f@£k have you been sunshine?”

Basically Nintendo sold everyone a device and everyone quickly realised that there is no point in replacing it with another device that will fall victim to the same fashions several months later. Sony and Microsoft are lucky in that they have hardcore gamers that will rush out to buy these devices. Largely because these soles are still single and dont have anyone to say you are not spending your money on that! Mind you they still probably still live with their parents so are rent free so that goes and explains a lot too. Massive profit for both of these companies will come about when the jaded gamers like me who see through the marketing bullshit will finally see something worth purchasing. When games are so similar in looks there is no rational decision to spend approx £500 for a box that has limited use and is not as next gen as they would like people to think. Logic dictated that the PS3 was a massive improvement over the PS2 and for the life of me I can’t remember, nor would I expect to see the same game titles being on both consoles, or at the very least the next gen console titles still being out on the old gen.

We were told that the PS3 had a ten year life span, well we are only 7 years into that and low and behold we have the same titles running on both the 3 and 4 with not the huge discernible difference that the 3 had over the 2. Now it is here that I have my own theory into what has happened. The fact that Nintendo has had piss poor sales and made a loss for the first time ever whist the rise of the machines in mobile form and the massive boom in mobile apps and games on both the iOS and Android platform has scared Sony and Microsoft to death and they have rushed the new consoles to try and woo gamers back to the living room once more.

This is where life goes around in cycles. At the start of this article I said how I was a game & watch kid and here now 30 odd years later I have at hand anytime a device that tells me the time but plays games and countless other modern day tasks that I set it. I’m now an excited mobile gamer and look at the advances and speed that mobiles have in advancing year on year. The iPhone 5s with the A7 processor means we are not that far behind the ability that the N64 had so if we say both the PS4 and the Xbox One have 7 years in them, where will mobile gaming be then? In seven years will we see PS3 and Xbox 360 quality games on the devices that we can hold in our hand and play anywhere, not annoy a partner and free ourselves from the shackles of one location to play a game? Even the PSP to the Vita or the DS range have ben able to move as quickly as the advances in mobile handsets and this is i think largely seen by consumers who can’t see the point of spending money on a device that has limited function compared to what iOS and android can offer.

The arguments too about mobiles only offering single game play are now breaking down too. The latest update to Real Racing 3 moves it away from its formula of time slipped racing against your friends ghosts but game center live multi player racing for up to 4 players.

Real Racing 3

Graphically the game looks amazing and the game play is getting better and better. Updates are frequent and the EA owned Firemonkey team are delivering a bloody good rival to any of the consoles main racers. Obviously its not as slick as a console but seriously this game is free and worthy of paying for the game packs that still put it under the budget of a console game price.

Update: Knew this game was awesome but its been nominated as one of the best games in the app store in 2013.


I can totally understand why too as it is challenging and is continuing to get better and better.

On the flip side of racing games there is the new Angry Birds Go, the same characters but suddenly you have the humour and sensation that Mario Carts brought us.

Angry Birds Go!

Why won’t Nintendo see sense and bring their games to mobile?They would sell a truck load and what everyone sees is arrogance and pride getting in their way.

Indi gaming put back into a jaded gamers heart the creativity that was missing from the consoles. Simple but addictive games like Pivot have me so engrossed in a game that my body and motion tracks with the gameplay. No console has ever made me have such a physical reaction like this game has.


App store feedback and the dev listens, updates and writes a poem about it. No faceless corporation here but some bod enjoying what he does and you can feel the labour of love in the oh so simple game.

6th Jan 2014

No that I am sitting here all smug but by go do I feel proud that my belief in the growth of technology and the capabilities and speed of development in that industry were spot on. Nvidia today announced that their next processor, the Tegra K1 will offer graphics better than the Xbox 360 or the PS3 in a mobile device. Now given that they are talking about this now I can see that within 4 years there will be a processor delivering better graphics in a tablet or smartphone than whats now in the Xbox One or PS4. Now is the time to get excited about mobile gaming and gaming on demand everywhere you go. Maybe also with this technology we will see Sony finally offer the Playstation phone that has been rumoured for years.

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