Jaded gamer

Part One

Let me get this out into the open but I’m not a hardcore gamer,

BUT!!  I love games and the escapism that they bring and the desire to complete something. I’m a kid that grew up with Nintendo game & watch, the series that brought Donkey Kong and Mario into our lives. I treasured these handhelds and was fortunate enough to go to America regularly so when the Gamboy came out I got the now considered bulky device in all of its monochrome glory. Colour soon followed, but my attention by this point had migrated to the Sega Mega Drive and Sonic. Soon this was followed by the SNES which rocked throughout my Uni days with Striker, Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct ruling my life.

In part here lies the key thing, life and games is largely a sole pleasure, the acceptable face of self release without needing kleenex, although I admit the stench that you still get from the single males in Game at a weekend is not too dissimilar to that odur. Ok, so I digress, but my point is that gaming a a relationship are not easy bedfellows. I was lucky in that the woman I married already had a kid and kids are a wonderful reason to continue gaming. Want a N64? Of course you do and you are getting one for your birthday. By the way when you a re in bed I will be playing Zelda and whatever Star Wars game we have managed to bond over.

However, where does the console live? Usually under the tv in the living room if you are of a certain age where you have your own place and are in an adult relationship. But its this location and the mix of the relationship that strains the gaming culture and you become the lonely gamer at night trying to finish that bloody level quickly so you can creep into bed without causing much disturbance (and grief) to your other half.

Now divorce brings many changes to a persons life and mine brought a divorce party in Ibiza, a new PS3 and a Wii for good measure. I played these to death, but here is the thing 2 consoles and multiple games and a desire to buy as many new games as possible has led to the situation  where I confess to never having finished some of the games that I got in that first month. Heavenly Sword, can’t even remember where I put it. Metal Gear Solid, loved it but the storyline is so convoluted that I have started it 4 times to get the full cinematic experience. Have I finished it? Hell no, but at least I know where it is. However, some series like Uncharted and Resistance Fall of Man I have played and played and played and finished too.

Largely though I have a set of games that are unfinished and what can only be described as a bloated PS3 that I can’t install new games onto without deleting the saved memory of ones that are not finished. So why don’t I finish these games? Answer is I really don’t know apart from my own conclusion in that I am bored, tired, jaded by the repetitive nature and uninspired story lines that most games seem to have. Have a successful franchise? well guess what that software company will stick it into you relentlessly because gamers have seemingly become too stupid to demand creativity and freshness in their gaming lives. Maybe thats it though, as my trip to Game last weekend proved, there is not much fresh about a male gamer.

So this is where I look at the new updated consoles as not being relevant to me. Do I want a PS4? Yes! Duh, but for me its not next gen enough for me to salivate over and mobile gaming! sweet lord mobile gaming, my new panacea to my jaded gaming soul. In part 2 I will go into a bit more detail of why the PS4 or the Xbox One are not important enough for me and why mobile and the future of mobile gaming really does get me excited.


4 thoughts on “Jaded gamer”

  1. Your game saves can live safely in the Cloud/PS+, and even then, they are so small in mb’s that there’s no benefit in deleting them. Your Game Data on the other hand can easily be reinstalled from the disc, or downloaded again so delete away if you’re getting short on space. Not that I don’t have a huge collection of unfinished games too. But that’s ok, I’ll rebuy GTAV when the PS4 content goes a little dry, and have all my PS+ games to stream via Gaikai next year (or 2015) too. Gaming has never looked stronger. I just wish I had the time I had when I was a youngster..


  2. I think mobile gaming being seen as a rival to console gaming or an alternative is the wrong way of looking at the whole situation.

    As amazing as it has been to see the progress in mobile gaming from early iOS/Android titles to those you see today, consoles have the power and eventually the capacity to handle massive titles. Add to that, the capabilities built into PS4 (as an example) where you can play a game and carry on, on a PS Vita if you happen to make a train journey during the day. Sure, it’s not as simple as iOS and its sync system for mobile games but with PS4 being one of the jewels in the crown of the company, Sony will only develop this system and refine it to perfection.

    Final thought. We have discussed on the podcast how mobile gaming will rival console gaming and that in its current stage, the games are of the quality you’d see on a early release PS3. That’s amazing but in making that argument, we failed to realise that mobile gaming is playing catch up and forever will be, not because of a lack of enthusiasm from developers but because hardware in tablet form like iPads can only go so far.


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