CES 2014

The Consumer Electronics Show, the time of year when the electronics companies try and push new goods onto us, but will we see anything as innovative as a smart fork this year? Yes there will be an abundance of 4K televisions and wearable tech but what else can there be?

In episode 7 of the podcast we ran a couple of our predictions for what may come in the next few days at CES. Within 24 hours of us recording the pod one prediction came true straight away in the form of Android coming to cars:


We also pondered about what silliness there would be after the 2013 smart fork and we did not have to wait long with the announcement of the Smart Toothbrush. I kid you not and here courtesy of the BBC is the evidence”



Oh to be there and maybe one day but in the meantime there is fantastic coverage by The Verge. Really rate their coverage and admire the way they tell it like it is without any corporate bullshit flying around.

Enjoy day 2 of their coverage:



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