Mobile World Congress 2014 Predictions



Due to Mike not feeling very well this week, the podcast preview of MWC starting this coming week has been cancelled. Fear not though, we will be back next week to deliver our reaction to the huge event in Barcelona. With the podcast not an option, we couldn’t leave you guys with nothing to ponder so here are my top 5 predictions for the event.


Microsoft delivers some big news regarding Windows Phone

Already they’ve mentioned new hardware partners and Window 8.1 ‘spring’ update but in regards to mobile, I think the giant from Redmond will take to the floor and show off some upcoming projects, maybe some hardware plans, possibly phones that will come out in 2014 when the Nokia purchase has gone through. Speaking of Nokia…

Nokia unveils Budget and Mid-Range Upgrades

Besides the pretty much confirmed news that Nokia will be releasing a forked Android phone for some crazy cheap price, I predict that they will update their budget and mid-ranged Windows Phone range. Particular attention will come to the successors to the mega hit Lumia 520 and the Lumia 620. I suspect they’ll be the Lumia 530 and 630 respectively and they too will sell by the truck-load if unveiled.

Galaxy S5 Unveiling

The Samsung Unpacked 5 event has generated huge buzz, and I predict it will signal the arrival of the S5. That’s not to say the release won’t be for a couple months more, but Samsung most likely will take the chance to unveil their main flagship phone here. Of course, “Unpacked 5” might also mean 5 devices being unveiled too, so it’ll be interesting to see what the other 4 devices are and what they can do.

Android Based Wearables

In this prediction, I don’t think I’m being mega ambitious, I know. One huge prediction I will make is that these wearables might actually be worth investing time to check out. At CES, the majority of wearables were either M.I.A or just dolled up versions of the previous model like the Pebble Steel. I reckon things will hot up here and we will see some interesting takes on the term ‘wearable technology’.

Cheap Smartphones will Rule the Floor

2014 seems to the year of either shrinking flagship phones to compact sizes (or not-very-compact-sizes if the LG G2 Mini leaks are to be believed) or excellent budget devices. I think MWC 2014 will showcase that going cheap isn’t something to frown upon in 2014. And I look forward to seeing them.


That’s it folks. My predictions for the coming week in Barcelona. Agree? Disagree? Please feel free to comment down below or contact us at the usual social media channels.

We hope to provide continuous coverage of the event throughout the week right here on TekTalk. Make sure to keep checking the site for continuous updates and our thoughts as the event starts and finishes.


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