Mobile World Congress 2014

MWC 2014

And so it begins…

And by beginning I mean here we go again, another year and another rehash of same ideas and ideas that have jumped on the tech bandwagon. Don’t get me wrong here though, I actually think that Samsung have created a beautiful design in the Gear Fit and this is

Gear Fit Group
Gear Fit Group (Photo credit: Ja

one that Apple and the rest of the tech companies will have to play catchup with. The curved display to me is more modern and sleeker than even the new Gear 2 models that Samsung also showed.

Yes the Gear 2 has the fitness trackers in place but if I had to put my money down it would be on the Gear Fit.

But Samsung, dear oh dear have you now hit the same wall that Apple gets accused of hitting in that you have brought out the S5 which is not even a major evolution but almost an apology to developing tech. Apple fans will sneer at you bringing out a new phone with a finger print sensor on the button and I genuinely think even the Samsung fans will be bitterly disappointed that you were not able to have the whole screen as the sensor mechanism that many had rumoured it to be. Making it dust and water resistant is something all tech companies should have done a better job of earlier but the one thing I have experienced is little rubber plugs or plastic covers over the life of a 2 year contract wear out, snap off and generally annoy the hell out of me when I want to have access to the ports. So for me this has never been a deal breaker.

What perhaps we should look at more closely is Samsung introducing their own operating system into the Gear Fit. Lets face it, Samsung is a machine that rolls out more than one mobile product a year and this is one of the reasons why they may have hit the same developmental wall that Apple have reached. Google, on the other hand is not a manufacturer and as the creator of Android they let it out of their hands and into others to do as they like. Around 4 months ago I ran a poll that asked who do you think owns the Android operating system and only 53% correctly identified Google, with 31% thinking it was Samsung. Maybe with the introduction of Tizen by Samsung to its Gear Fit devices we are seeing them finally breaking away from Android and could this be a first attempt at testing the waters and seeing how well Tizen performs. Can the world cope with another OS? but in a world where Samsung has a significant market share are they betting on consumers wanting their devices over Android? Who knows, but if this develops then we could be in for an interesting 2014.


One thing this year at MWC is that the fitness bandwagon is a fast moving vehicle that most tech companies are keen to try and jump onto. Wearable tech that monitors how you are doing over the course of a day and night are everywhere around MWC but Motorola seem to have decided that the best way of monitoring your fitness is to give you a work out in the process. IMG_9015

This brick of a thing is hardly sleek and looks ready for an iron man competition even if the wearer is years away from such an event. What Samsung have showed this week is that wearable fitness watches/devices do not have to be square and by this I do mean square as in the shape but also square as in dull and boring. Get hip and get sleek is what Samsung have shown and others need to play a significant race of revising their products and adapting to what consumers want rather than running out the same shape because its how digital watches used to look.


On a positive note, MWC 2014 has provided HTC with a platform  to show off a couple of mid-ranged handsets, with particular focus on the Desire 816.

As you can see, the front carries on the now iconic look of the HTC One from last year, with the back being the very same plastic finish that Apple is so unashamed of on their iPhone 5c. So far, so hmm right? Well, throw in a Quad-Core processor, 1.5gb of RAM, 4G, Boom-Sound speakers and topped off with a 5.5″ 720p display, this is a mid-ranged handset which has our attention and then some.

Also, it comes in some very fetching colours which is becoming the norm now again, for some reason. If the cheaper handsets are this good from HTC, we cannot wait for their main flagship come March.

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