For a number of years the UK magazine T3 ran a very popular podcast that usually was published on a Friday. The podcast generated its own Facebook group which consisted of a wide array of Apple and Android lovers and equal amounts of haters and fans of Sony and Microsoft and all other gadget and tech delights.

For some reason, T3 in late 2013 began to tail off their productions which lead to many in the Facebook group moaning and complaining about the lack of RIM puns and tech news delivered in the T3 style. To answer this, both Imtiaz Farooq and myself (Mike Williams) had a go using the virtues of what can only be described as home equipment in the form of an iPad and a dodgy Skype connection. The first 45 mins of two blokes (who have never met) yammering about tech so easily prompted us to think about doing the podcast more often and attempt to build up to something more slicker.

This blog is the sister site of the podcast where we hope to capture the spirit of the T3 Facebook group with commentary rather than a news site.

We hope you enjoy and please do get stuck in and comment

T3 Podcast RIP

So a farewell to the T3 Podcast, you will be missed but thanks for the mention of TekTalk:


we only made a freaking logo too



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