Episode 42 – It’s Oh So Quiet (until the Black Friday Riots)

So this weeks pod was delayed by really slow internet connection on Friday which was funny because the way the news showed it the world was down the high street battling it out for a product that the rioters did not know they even needed and not trying to do any internet shopping at all.

This pod was recorded on Black Friday eve, or Thursday night and apart from the Ubisoft apology over Assassins Creed there was very little in the tech news department. Many sites even started talking about the iPhone 7 such were the thin pickings of real news to talk about. So what nugget did we talk about? Well news that the tablet market is in retreat struck us a good one to rattle one about and so we did. Tablets, the good, the bad and the devolution of consumer from pc to tablet and the evolution from tablet back to pc. Oh how we are a fickle lot.

EPISODE 42 – http://tektalk.podomatic.com/entry/2014-11-30T13_56_05-08_00


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