Episode 41 – It’s only our first bloody birthday!!!!

Fanfares, fanfares, fanfares. Last week we turned one. Ok so essentially 41 weeks does not make a year but a year we have been going and I guess 41 weeks out of 52 doing a podcast is not too shabby for our first year.

Apologies for the badly timed sound effects. Comedy timing at its worst. Speaking of worse, in this weeks pod we discuss that crap that is being delivered as a final product. Recently we have had iOS8 launched with glitches and bugs and then of late we get Assassins Creed Unity

Assassin's Creed
Assassin’s Creed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

launched with a whole host of issues, most notably bodies that wrapped around themselves or even faces, well without the faces.


It seems that software companied seem to think that they can deliver a product unfinished and then patch it at a later date. This serves no one any good, the reputation of the company gets damaged and consumer confidence falls in that company too.

However, consumers must take some responsibility in this, we must learn more patience as its partly our crushing needs that push for a quicker release. Look at Drive Club, when it was delayed for not being ready then social media erupted in fury at how consumers could be treated like this. But I salute any company that has the balls to wait until a product is ready before it is launched. Why we are like this for tech I don’t know. if you got served under cooked meat in a restaurant you would send it back. Let companies have more time to work and deliver a better experience and everyone wins.

Episode 41- The Birthday Edition


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