Microsoft @ IFA 2014


Microsoft IFA 2014 invite-578-80


The third instalment of TekTalk’s summary of IFA continues with Microsoft. Not the company you would expect at this event but boy, have they announced themselves this year. Starting with their phones…

Not much to talk about on the software front

The Lumia devices had been leaked extensively in the build-up and we ended up getting exactly what was leaked. The Lumia 730/735 are the same handset, with the 735 having 4G and dual SIM capabilities. It is standard lower-midrange fare with the big selling point being that it’s front camera has a super wide angle lens for selfies and software built in which makes the new picture taking craze just that bit more exciting and perfect. We move onto the Lumia 830 which is Microsoft’s upper midrange device and priced well enough to succeed in my opinion. The specs include a 10 megapixel camera with Zeiss lens that has received some praise for its picture taking capabilities. Given the challenging environment of IFA, that is some praise indeed. The design of the 830 is classy, with a Lumia 930-like metal frame being sandwiched by Gorilla glass on the front and polycarbonate on the back, available in 4 colours. The phone takes on elements of the Lumia 925, the 930 and the 1020 with the camera taking on that iconic ‘Oreo’ look.

Software wise, there wasn’t much to talk about besides talk of the Lumia Denim update which will include voice control abilities when interacting with Cortana. Being able to say ‘hey Cortana’ from the lock screen without touching any buttons is exciting and something I look forward to very much.

Finally, other goings on at IFA from Microsoft came from OEMs, in particular PC and tablet makers. The show stealers from this category include Acer who showcased their 8” windows tablet that will go on sale for £120, and that include a year of Office 365. Even if you aren’t a Windows 8 fan, you would be crazy not to invest in one of those, if only just to use Office 365 for a year.

The final instalment will be on the ‘best of the rest’, talking about smartwatches and devices from companies that were interesting to us but didn’t really take centre stage like Samsung, Sony and Microsoft. Keep it locked at TekTalk for that summary.


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