Episode 33 – OnePlus one = WTF

Moving on from the what’s up with theme that we have had for the past three weeks, a trilogy of sorts, we shockingly and sadly move on to the OnePlus phone team and their quite awful sexist and really deserved internet backlash.



Don’t understand why a tech company would stoop to these levels, particularly when the tech press in the UK have recently woken up and realised that you don’t need a semi naked woman to sell a magazine.

Samsung launched a new phone, but to be honest it was a shit week with Robin Williams’s death and even worse when the bastard Twitter trolls came out and viscously attacked his daughter Zelda resulting in her cancelling her accounts and grieving like anyone should be allowed to do. If we can take anything from his death is that Twitter have finally announced that they will look into removing the trolls. Yes it says it will crackdown on them but I do wonder how successful they will be.

An apology

Audio is crap this week (I have no idea why, same equipment, same software, just a co host who sounds as if I have trapped him under a tin bath.

Episode 33


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