Episode 31 – What’s up with Samsung?

No this is not deja vu or a question of me being lazy but seriously, what is up with Samsung as their enormous profits have been hit by slow smartphone sales.

Oh Boo Hoo!

Still it is very hard to weep tears for a company that is still able to post profits of £4.48 Billion which as every normal person knows is still a massive sum money even though the reality that the profits are down 20.7% on the same period last year, so that’s got to be making their finance director weep into his porridge or whatever South Koreans have for breakfast (answers in the comment section please)

However, here in TekTalk Towers, we have been saying for months that the world mobile market is heading for saturation and this is not a device that people need or want more than one, unless you are a scumbag cheater and need a second phone for affairs. Oops, that would be the ex wife, but this is not the place for therapy so I’ll quickly move on.

Victim of own success

Samsung, bless them are suffering from their own hands, they have launched onto the world wave after wave of new, latest iterations to the last phone and in some cases have not even wasted a full year before making the previous handset obsolete. This was always going to be a strategy that could continue. For most parts networks offer 2 year lock in contracts and most people wait these days for the best handset they can get. At least with Apple you are fairly guaranteed to go a year with the latest handset and even then the one the year after is the eveloved one and not the revolution.

New materials

Samsung has promised new phones and moving away from the plastic build of old. New materials ? so metal and glass then or have they discovered mithril to not only win over us earth inhabitants but all of middle earth too?

Dancing to the Beat(s)

Beats, as of 1st August finally joined the Apple family and promptly 200 or so employees were laid off. Not quite the welcome to the family they were expecting but then again why did Beats need around 700 employees in the first place. Actually if you want to see a question of why does any company needs many staff check this video out from the Net A Porter boss on his final day. Seriously, now here is a company that could shed some of the fat and as all proper bosses are bound in law to say he did tell his numerous staff to get back to work.



And we wrap this weeks show with a quick discussion of the slow progress to driverless cars and we ponder how the likes of Phil Hobden will cope with this new world of road rage incidents as not only may we swear at our fellow commuters but possibly at the car driving and controlling our pace.

Finally, if it were  not for the T3 magazine, we would not be here so its time for the T3 awards again, so ladies and gents from around the globe. Have a look at the nominations here and have a vote or two.


Thank you to all of you that visit the blog, please feel free to let us now your thoughts and if you want just say hello, particularly those of you from Switzerland as your visits to the blog entice us and make us happy.

Episode 31



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