The effort, got to admire the effort (Nigerian fools once more though)

Seriously, you have to admire the BIG BEEFY BOLLOCKS of spammers as some like this really do put the work in and create such a fabrication that you have to really think that perhaps they are at it so often that they actually do believe that they are actually living in this world that they create.

sent to undisclosed recipients



After serious thoughts, my decision to contact you personally became urgent, since I have no grudge against you, other than your Nigerian partners. I happen to be the Deputy Governor, Operations Directorate at Central Bank of Nigeria.

Sometime ago, your partners approached me through a contact who works with one of the ministries here with a request to assist them conclude a transfer deal which required programming a transfer on your behalf.

What I gathered, is they wanted to use my position and office to strategically transfer a sum; which has been supposedly dormant in the CBN suspense account for quite a while. Our agreement was that I make this happen and be rewarded with one hundred thousand initial advance payment and another one hundred thousand when I finally release to your nominated account. Having successfully programmed the transfer as agreed and your name approved amongst the list of ontractors/recipients/beneficiaries to be paid for that period, the story changed and instead of standing by our agreed arrangements, they implored an avoidance tactic and then resorted to threats. Well, that prompted my decision to immediately delete the transfer code, but released other payments as listed, excluding yours.

This resulted to several threatening calls which did not scare me though and then they started making frantic efforts to bribing other officials to get another approval to the transfer to you, but without success. I however take 100 percent responsibility for the delay and obstructions, because of their breach of agreement and trust. If you have doubts as to this privileged information, then consider what has transpired through the entire course of your claim process, they continue to ask you to pay one charge or the other and at the end no results and they continue to tell you to send another fee with yet no results. In very simple words, I can only say that they are just wicked. Now if you want us to work together,these are my conditions:

1: I will be entitled to twenty percent of the total sum, since it’s just both of us left in the matter.

2: You will assist my son with opening an account in your domain where I will transfer my share.

3: It will be useless and mere waste of time and resources if you continue with any other person. So well conclude this process with the utmost of secrecy using only the included telephone and email details as provided.

4: You will provide me your direct telephone, mobile and your private email to facilitate easy communication between you and I.

If you find these conditions acceptable, contact me at your earliest convenience to have us finalize arrangements, so the transfer can be released to your nominated account after completion of the mandatory protocols. However, in case you’re not interested, then I strongly advice you jettison the idea of receiving your funds and stop wasting your time with your so called partners. Your prompt response is anticipated.

Yours truly.

Bosah Moghalu.
Deputy Governor, CBN.


This spam wanker is still to this day still waiting for my response but I am not holding my breathe to the fact that they are losing sleep over whether I have indeed jettisoned the idea. However, I am feeling the urge to create a spamwanker email account and set up a dialogue for the following reasons:

  1. Take the piss
  2. Waste their time
  3. Take the piss
  4. Really annoy them
  5. Take the piss
  6. Use any response to add to this page
  7. Take the piss

Anyhow, you get the point.

Worryingly though I actually hold this one in high regard as they put the effort in. Maybe the sun got to my balding bounce today

A very respectable 8/10



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