Maybe this is why IBM don’t feature in the tech press so much

Well it’s been a tad quiet on the old spam front as all I have been getting is offers of loans and the random “offer” of a proposal with a suspect link. It’s saddening to see that there is no effort going on anymore here as A. they get immediately stuck in a spam filter and B. there is no character to them whatsoever.

Like the one above, Mrs Sui’s invitation is boring and pointless. Seriously, what do these dickheads actually do. Do they genuinely think that the following will be my eureka moment where I go, “you know what! Today is the day that I will take up that proposal. Nothing bad will come of it surely?” Well, guess what Mrs Sui? This piss poor effort isn’t going to be that day for sure.

“I have a reliable business proposal for you, for more details,

contact me at Regard: Mrs. Siu.”

So to you in the outside world, if it looks enticing and the proposal results in you becoming a billionaire then don’t forget little old me who would appreciate at least 5% of the winnings. Alternatively if the proposal results in a disease where your bottom falls off, that one is 100% your own.

Spam: Subheading – Oh for crying out loud, just leave me alone.

It’s clearly spam, obviously Spam. I don’t know her, nor do I wish to as I want to know people who can spell good as opposed to gud as that’s moronic and a made up word. Also she/he/it spells gottaa with far too many characters , so me no likey long time.

Click on display Image, if you are unable to see my Image attached or visit link . Just wanted you to know that yesterday I joined Socialmoto.


Actually I am new to this place and am looking for a gud friend , whom I can hang out with but it gonna be with some gud people, my friend she gave me your email id . You gottaa join me now and come online , nowadays we can chat as i have lots of spare time , kidding hehe 🙂
To join simply come here.

My album: Visit this to see my pics
When you come here ping me, i will be online if by any sense i am not there.
I have attached my details.

My profile:”

However, I do love the fact that they think by adding IBM into an email that I think this person would be a great person to connect with. Christ on a bike! If a developer from IBM can’t spell good or gotta then no bloody wonder Intel is doing so well. Her coding skills must be atrocious and maybe, just maybe she was a dev on windows 8.1 which may go a long way to explain the bricking of the rt tablets.

Also! and this is a note to all spammers when including a photo. Don’t for crying out loud include 2 women in the picture as saying Hi look at me is f%@*ing stupid and a waste of mine and your time.



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