IMG_0742WWDC 14 is fast approaching and all that we presume to know come from the usual sources of rumour and leaks.

New iPhone/iPad/iOS8/Macbook refreshes and the presumed Healthbook suite of apps, its all up for grabs, but will Apple use one event for multiple launches. Unlikely seeing as Samsung and the likes have regular events across the globe, eager to steal limelight and market share in equal measure.

Will the world finally get the watch, the iTV (unlikely) or even a refresh to the Apple TV (personal hope from me) given that Roku has had Apple on the ropes for a while over their streaming box.

Latest rumours seem to be about home automation but seeing as surely Apple could have purchased NEST and didn’t, instead allowing Google to swoop in and purchase them this one to me seems to be on odds rather than an even bet.

This post will be updated after the main conference opener as everyone else will be live blogging but for me that detracts from watching and listening to what is being discussed. Its that and the fact that I’m crap at watching and listening and typing all at once. (well, ok I could but the effect and result would be lousy)

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