Episode 23 – Microsoft Surface Pro 3

In this weeks podcast we discuss the newly revealed Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and what it means to the market. While we do regard it as a new innovation we can’t help but think that Microsoft will not make this a huge success as its retail strategy is not as strong as what Apple has at a global level. Google Microsoft retail stores and there are only 3 countries listed. For a product as new as the Surface Pro 3 yet having a price point of over a mid level traditional laptop then its dubious as to how it will sell to a non tech/gadget loving audience as much as we are here.

Imagine the scenario: Couple walk into a a PC world, looking to replace their tried and trusted laptop, the form factor that they are both comfortable with. Spotty twerp of a “sales advisor” with limited  or no training asks if they need any help and on hearing their budget shows them to the normal laptops completely bypassing the Pro 3 as at the moment the Pro 3 even without the additional keyboard is more than a mid level laptop.

Microsoft are keen for us to see the Pro 3 as a replacement for a laptop and don’t even see it (publicly) as a rival to the iPad. To them the Pro 3 is a Macbook Air killer, but once you add the cost of the additional keyboard then the cost is more than 11″ Air and becoming very close to the 13″ price tag. This is I fear a price point that won’t sit well with a huge audience and isn’t helped at all with the not so well regarded windows 8 software. Maybe this is where Apple (currently) see the divide between OSX and iOS differentials, separate devices need separate software. In the next week or so we should know whether Microsoft are the leaders in the laptop/tablet unitary software if at WWDC 2014 we see Apple merging their software lines.

Certainly, while we were recoding the pod, the reaction from Henry Monmouth https://twitter.com/HarryMonmouth was that he is unsure of the Pro 3’s lapability as this is as he correctly states where laptops win.







And don’t forget you can read Imtiaz’s view here too:


Episode 23

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