The Pod episode 2

Imtiaz sends me his words, he types them down and sends them to me. I prattle on from the heart. This fails when words fail to save. Me dumb, Imtiaz clever and me now tired. Told you before podcasts and blogs and a full time job are difficult. Anyhow here is the mess that episode 2 was:

Now an explanation of why your ears have just bled:

As you might have guessed from the blog title, this is about the pain and suffering of podcast creation process, particularly for noobs like us. Now, some of you reading this might think that this is just a long arse excuse to hide behind the shameful effort which was our second episode but no! Stop right there, person! We of the TekTalk parish won’t apologise for that second episode because of the following reasons.

Firstly, we would like to let you in on the process behind the podcast here. It is recorded, believe it or not, using just an iPad each and some free app [insert name here] which provides us with HD recording quality. No editing, just one 30-40minutes conversation delivered in a single take and delivered to your respective podcast-catchers in an hour’s time. On the second episode, myself and Mike decided to experiment with some software to a) make uploading to the site easier and to establish easy upload links to podcast-catchers like downcast and iTunes which led to the mess known as episode #2.

The thing is, those issues which happened to us, happens to most independent start-up podcasts. The difference between us and them is that we have decided to show you guys and girls our massive cock-up as a way of providing an insight to the work we are doing. Myself and Mike are learning on the job so to speak, creating a site from the bottom up and creating a podcast with what free time we have. We want to share our pain and suffering in creating the podcast and site, to you, as a way of documenting our journey from start-up to hopefully a hub of informative and witty opinion. We have had ideas thrown at us (not literally, don’t worry) about different recording methods, different software and so on but the thing we are most comfortable with and will probably use from now on is simply 2 iPads and a free Voice Recorder app. A device which is supposedly just for content consumption and a free app.

Finally, this blog’s purpose was to show you that nothing is built in one flick of a brush that it takes time and mistakes happen. Learning from them is what makes us better people and this place a better site. We don’t have the budgets and editing prowess of podcasting giants but with your help and understanding, we want to achieve something of a comparable quality. And to do that, we have to make mistakes along the way. Bear with us, we’ll get there eventually.


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