This is not the T3 Podcast. Or lets keep the home fires burning

Or to put it another way. We stepped up, who the hell are you?

Well to be honest this started out as a temporary filler for the T3 Podcast that failed to appear for a number of weeks. Some of us got bored waiting around for it and Imtiaz Farooq and myself (Mike Williams) stood up to the plate and gave it a go. In the podcast you will hear us mention some of the other T3 Podcast Facebook group members.
Yes I know the intro is too long and its a bit messy but it was our first go and we used an iPad to record the conversation so don’t hate us for the sound quality. This episode is more of a test for me to use Audiacity as the creation of the two sound files to be merged together since the latest version of Garageband has removed this option for me. Secondly, its also a test of podomatic as I have never uploaded a pod before.
One thing for sure is that tech and gadgets brings people together. There is something interesting about seeing how glass, aluminium and electronics and the addition of an operating system can rile people and often cause stirrings in the trouser department. This is obviously not true unless a pervert sets their tech to the highest vibrate setting, but you get my point. If you don’t then perhaps this blog is not for you as the style will never be journalistic but often opinionated and perhaps slightly unhinged when a box tech of delights is opened.
So ladies and gents and to all those undetermined too here is/was the first crack:
Ok so don’t hate us for this. We have no access to a recording studio and recording was done via Skype and an iPad. The very first version saw us not do an intro or even have a proper ending but this was largely to do with a Police helicopter flying above the house for far longer than I thought it would. Originally as the post was thought to be temporary I used my own Soundcloud account to publish the track but as we realised T3 were not coming back with their effort anytime soon we thought a bit of effort now needed to be made. However, this bit of effort made me realise that a lot of effort is required and I can see now why T3 did wind their pod up as holding down a full time job and trying to do a pod is hard work. But, I don’t have many hobbies and I have a new shiny Apple Macbook Air to use and develop both the pod and this new blog.
Anyhow, I’m now off to read a shed loads of iTunes details and see if I can get the podomatic version moved onto the iTunes store. I imagine this is not going to be easy.

3 thoughts on “This is not the T3 Podcast. Or lets keep the home fires burning”

  1. One of things I do is parse the rss feed through feedburner so it doesn’t matter where I host the podcast iTunes is happy with it. Plus feedburner has a nice little tool that will correct faults that are in your rss feed that might cause issues with the iTunes system.


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